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What I minted this week

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Every Sunday, I share what I minted throughout the week.

It can be hard to keep up with everything that's happening onchain so hopefully the list below helps you discover a fun project or initiative you may have missed.

Note: some of the minting periods may have ended.

In case you missed my letters from this week, here's a quick recap:

  1. A letter to USDC, Base, & Daimo: The combination of Base L2 and Circle-Coinbase partnership seems like an unstoppable force. As Base starts to attract more developers, we'll see a huge increase in the number of stablecoin products that work seamlessly like Daimo. Rollups + EIP-4844 + Account Abstraction is now making stablecoin use possible at a large and efficient scale while abstracting away crypto UX.

  2. A letter to Chris Dixon & Woj: RSS failed to become mainstream technology because it was missing a decentralized database. Now, with Ethereum as the backend for protocols, we are seeing a revival in the open source spirit of the early internet days. RSS+ (i.e. Farcaster) takes the open web principles that comes with web1 protocols and merges it with pragmatic product development founders implemented in web2.

What I minted this week


  • My FarCon summit pass! I'll be attending FarCon in LA in a couple of months. Have any of you collected...any Onchain Letters readers planning to go?

  • Zaib #15 - this collection is one of the coolest I've seen in a long time. Check out the gallery, the art is incredible

  • No Disk Required: the first mint on Farcaster done using Warps (Farcaster native token)

No Disk Required
  • Farcaster Horse - eligibility checked and minted directly from a Farcaster frame

Farcaster: Horse
  • I supported my friend Cameron Armstrong who is building SeeMore. I minted his supporter badge as a friend who is excited about what he is building and showing my support onchain with my wallet.

  • Artcaster Hypersub Patron - supporting onchain artists. I bought a 3 month subscription for access to a monthly airdrop from new artists, raffles, allowlist spots, etc.

  • Muse Hypersub Patron - supporting mxjxn.eth and getting access to patron perks such as weekly art airdrops, exclusive mints, raffles, etc.

  • Studio 2 Hypersub Patron - supporting my friend Chris Carella for his studio 2 artwork and essays. I bought a 2 month subscription to get started.

  • Farout - fun art by usersteen.eth

600 Straight Episodes of Noun O' Clock LIVE on TNS!


  • GOAT bio - a fun Zora note referencing the Coinbase mafia that has gone on to do exceptional things in the crypto ecosystem


  • Thumbs Up Finance newsletter patron - supported a fellow newsletter writer using Hypersub. I bought a 3 month subscription to get access to a list of perks he's providing (i.e. token gated chat, bonus newsletter issues, etc.)


If you found the list above helpful, please share it with friends in crypto who you think should mint as well!

That's all for today

- YB

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