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What I minted this week

A letter to week 2

Welcome to the 10 new people who joined the onchain letters community since Friday!

I'm thankful for all 57 of you and I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend 💤

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Every Sunday, I share what I minted throughout the week.

It can be hard to keep up with everything that's happening onchain so hopefully the list below helps you discover a fun project or initiative you may have missed.

Note: some of the minting periods may have ended.

In case you missed my letters from this week, here's a quick recap:

  1. A letter to Neynar: Alchemy : Ethereum :: Neynar : Farcaster. I dive into how Neynar is not only abstracting backend compute, but will also provide Farcaster data services to businesses like Salesforce did with cloud CRM.

  2. A letter to Nic Carter: I dive into a interesting historical comparison between Stablecoins and Eurodollars. It turns out a lot of the U.S. government reactions towards stables has already played out back in the '60s! This post was inspired by a talk Nic gave at Token2049 in Singapore.

  3. Onchain Roundup #1: I give a rundown on my first 10 letters since I started Onchain Newsletters! In case you're new to the community, I recommend checking out this post to get an idea of what I'm writing about. I also share my favorite sentence from each of the letters.

What I minted this week




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That's all for today!

- YB

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