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What I minted this week

A letter to week 17

Welcome to the 549 new people who joined the Terminally Onchain community since Wednesday!

I'm thankful for all 5204 of you and I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend 💤

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What I minted this week

Every Sunday, I share what I minted throughout the week.

It can be hard to keep up with everything that's happening onchain so hopefully the list below helps you discover a fun project or initiative you may have missed.
Note: some of the minting periods may have ended. None of this information is financial advice, DYOR.

Smart Wallet Early Adopter

This past week, I finally got around to using the new Coinbase smart wallet and it was such an amazing experience. Definitely the smoothest flow I've ever had with making a new wallet - no stressful warnings, writing down seed phrases, etc.

The smart wallet implements passkeys so all I had to do was use my 1Password (you can also use Apple keychain/Google) to save the passkey and that was it. It literally took a few seconds from when I first landed on the home page.

Right now, the mint is on Sepolia and the wallet is still in its beginning stages but I highly recommend trying it out. It shouldn't take longer than a minute and you'll get to experience a totally new feeling with using a wallet. You can also connect your Coinbase account right from the page and transfer funds if you want...not necessary right now since the mint is sponsored by Base but it's cool to see how easy it is to transfer funds from exchange to wallet.

After Farcon, I'm going to be diving deeper into this vertical and learning more about Passkeys, EOAs, MPC, etc. They're all buzz words to me right now but it's important to better understand them so I can form a thesis around how wallets will develop in the coming years.

Oviators Claim

A few months ago, I purchased a pair of Oviators which are Opepen themed Ray-Ban sunglasses. This was a collab between @salvino (who also made the Nouns Vision glasses) and Jack Butcher.

The cool part about this purchase process was that I received an NFT when I first bought the glasses proving I had claim rights. And now, in the claim process, after I submitted my delivery address, the original NFT was burned ensuring that I couldn't claim another and I received a serial number (another NFT) as a receipt.

Swatches Party

As I've mentioned in previous posts before, I'm a huge fan of the Swatches NFT project by @jvmi. In fact, 50 of the Terminally Onchain token gated community members even received free mint passes for the NFT drop.


This week, there was a new party formed on Party App that raised 7.31 eth from 137 community members for the Swatches Community. The goal is to "create an onchain collective that amplifies the Swatches community". I decided to mint 3 just to be involved since I own a couple of Swatches myself and would love to see the project grow in terms of Base NFT mindshare.


This week there was a new project launched on Farcaster called Farcards. Every caster has a respective card that can be collected and traded. I went ahead and minted mine but haven't done anything else yet.


From my understanding, the actual game activity happens on AlfaFrens. I just got a code to use the app today so still not sure how everything works yet. There's a few people in the token gated chat that have been actively using it and sharing updates so I'm excited to dive deeper and try it out.


Playpepen 6

I saw this mint by @tamrat on Friday and was so impressed by the execution. It's so cool to see how creative and complex the mints itself can get. In this playpepen, you can customize your Opepen all on Zora itself!

Many of us, especially me, forget that we're not limited to just minting static images. We're still in the earliest stages of discovering new kinds of projects that can be put fully onchain.



@jonny and @ted started a Farcaster podcast a few months ago and I've listened to most of their episodes. I figured why not sign up for their hypersub so I can get the episodes airdropped to me directly. Sometimes I miss the mints since I listen directly on Spotify - being a monthly subscriber just guarantees that I'll own all the episodes onchain.

I also minted @coop's podcast episode with @martin where they discussed Higher and how social communities are built.

And while we're talking about Higher, I also minted BasePaint #260 which was themed "Higher". There were 501 artists around the globe who contributed to this piece and it was minted 905 times!


Based Institute

The last mint was from the Base team called "Based Institute". Simply put, the goal is to proliferate the Base mission by rewarding folks who are active in the community with ETH & TYBG.

Terminally Onchain Spotlight

This week, Christian launched RingWallet which is a new kind of hardware wallet that looks different from the Ledger & Trezor form factors we're used to. You can think of it like an Oura Ring that instead serves as a hardware wallet.

Note: if you misplace the ring, you don't loose your funds! The wallet backup is done through "Ace Cards". You get 4 of them and as long as you have access to 2, you can restore your wallet at any given time. The ring is simply the "UI" just like the actual Trezor and Ledger devices.

However, what I'm most excited to try out is the credit card support. Even if the ring wallet isn't my primary hardware wallet, I could totally see myself setting up a "checkings account" hardware wallet and use my connected credit card to pay.

If you're interested in checking it out, the RingWallet team is offering a 15% discount on the wallet during the waitlist period! Check it out the official announcement here.

If you found the list above helpful, please share it with friends in crypto who you think should mint as well 🤝

That's all for today, I hope all of you have a great next week!

- YB

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