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What I minted this week

A letter to week 14

Welcome to the 246 new people who joined the onchain letters community since my Friday!

I'm thankful for all 2532 of you and I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend 💤

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Every Sunday, I share what I minted throughout the week.

It can be hard to keep up with everything that's happening onchain so hopefully the list below helps you discover a fun project or initiative you may have missed.
Note: some of the minting periods may have ended. None of this information is financial advice, DYOR.

What I minted this week

Onchain Gaias

@ciniz has been working on a project called Onchain Gaias. I bought a few on the secondary market earlier this week. They were expensive (floor price is hovering around 1.5 eth) but my bet is on ciniz here - it's clear to me they're thinking of Gaias as something much larger than just a pfp project so it'll be fun to follow along the journey.

The artwork hasn't been revealed yet but this morning they released the litepaper for the project, Onchain Artificial Intelligence Agents.

I'm purposely not going to get into the details in this post because I'm planning to do a thorough deep dive of the project, crypto-AI landscape, etc. I've been meaning to cover this topic for a while, so now that I have skin in the game it'll be a perfect opportunity to get into the weeds.


@jvmi's Swatches dropped this week and I picked up a couple.

It's so much fun playing around with the different features to change up the art. You can set different modes and even move your cursor through the art to change the colors and shape itself. Try giving it a shot here!

Because of the additional features, you can think of each piece as a collection itself. I would love to see someone make a collage of all the different permutations of a single swatch.

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Based Punks

Based punks are exactly what they sound like...a cryptopunks derivative project on Base!

The project is a collab between @traf and @displaydriver, both established artists in the space. If you have a few minutes, check out traf's website - there's so many cool projects that he's worked on.

Similar to Gaias, the art hasn't been revealed yet but the sneak peaks look fire. I decided to buy 4 and am hoping to get a hoodie punk! Unfortunately, I still don't have enough eth to justify buying an original cryptopunk so Based Punks is my opportunity to get some punk exposure 😂

Who knows...the way Jesse and the Base team are executing, it's not crazy to think that Based Punks will become valuable as well. If when Base onboards a billion people onchain, Based Punks could be the NFT project that marks who was early to the ecosystem - similar to those who were around in 2017 for the original cryptopunks launch.

Coinbase Wallet "Undo All"

@soreniverson is a friend and I'm so glad he finally decided to make his way over to Farcaster! For the last year and half he's been putting out incredibly funny ~unhinged~ UI designs on Twitter. I'm sure 99% of you have come across his work before.

This past week, he decided to mint his first design...of course on April Fools to stay on brand. We've all had moments where we sell a token only for it to continue breaking new all time highs. If only we could undo them...

What's insane is that the NFT was collected over 25,000 times! Just from this one mint, Soren has made ~11.5 eth 🤯

What a fantastic demo of why more and more web2 creators should be moving their work onchain. The opportunity cost is too high not to.


Post by James Beck

James published a fantastic blog post titled What happens when the creative class makes their own currencies?

The post was published for @jihad's 'higher' essay challenge (btw deadline is tomorrow in case anyone is interested in participating last minute).

A core part of his post is covering this question:

If the value of digital objects are characterized its spreadability, what are the machinations that make this possible in the aspirational economy?

Here's a sneak peek but I highly recommend checking out the whole post


Higher GOAT

This was the funniest thing that happened in the crypto world this past week.

There's already a ton of context around this so I won't give the full story here again, but here's the main post that you need to see 😂


GM Farcaster #84

It was so nice seeing @nounishprof and @adrienne giving a shoutout to Terminally Onchain this past Friday!

Check out the episode on Zora here (the screenshot above is around the 13 minute mark).

Also, if you haven't checked out the GM Farcaster hypersub, make sure to do so here! I have the 6 month membership.

If you found the list above helpful, please share it with friends in crypto who you think should mint as well 🤝

That's all for today, I hope all of you have a great next week!

- YB

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