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What I minted this week

A letter to week 13

Welcome to the 244 new people who joined the onchain letters community since my Friday!

I'm thankful for all 1826 of you and I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend 💤

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Every Sunday, I share what I minted throughout the week.

It can be hard to keep up with everything that's happening onchain so hopefully the list below helps you discover a fun project or initiative you may have missed.
Note: some of the minting periods may have ended. None of this information is financial advice, DYOR.

In case you missed my letters from this week, here's a quick recap:

  1. Trending token frames, Onchain reputation, and Nouns Farcaster client: this was the first edition of the Terminally Onchain community spotlight!

  • Round 2 of Airstack's next token giveaway will be starting tomorrow - there's 3 million $degen up for grabs. Check out the post for more details.

  • Karma3 Labs is hiring for a data engineering position. They recently raised a round from Galaxy Digital and are headed full force into working with different products in the space (i.e. Metamask, Farcaster, etc.) to build out a onchain reputation system.

  • The Nouns x Farcaster client prop house voting ended on Friday. In my newsletter, I had spotlighted @rubinovitz's proposal for Nouns Social and their team ended up winning! Tenfold will be receiving $100k to build out their idea over the next 3 months.

  1. A letter to Cobie: As this bull market starts heating up, the crypto markets will bring us some of the craziest moments and opportunities out there in the investing world. I decided to read through all of Cobie's substack and highlight some of the important lessons he's learned from a decade of being in this space. The tl;dr is winning in crypto means having a healthy balance of skepticism and curiosity.

What I minted this week

Overall, the big news was that Zora implemented minting with any ERC-20! The coolest mints of the week for me were the ones I did with $DEGEN & $HIGHER.

  1. Degen Zorb by @floc - to celebrate Zora ERC-20 minting, the Degen team put out this cool Zorb that could be minted for 1 $degen.

  1. The Crypto Mall by @boldleonidas - this one got 12k mints! Was such a cool concept and well deserved. Encapsulates what's going on in the crypto world right now really well.

  1. Based Zorb - this was a mint put out by the Zora team commemorating Zora building on the Base network as well! This week was eventful for Base as they crossed $3b in total value locked in base. Additionally, Base had it's first day where a DEX had $1b in volume as well.

  1. Another Degen Zorb by @pratik.eth. I minted this one because it looked so freaking cool, the art was amazing and I thought it would be a great add to my collection.

  1. Swatches by @jvmi is an NFT project that's going to be launching soon. I think jvmi is doing a great job of Farcaster first marketing - excited to see how the drop goes! You can learn more about the concept of the project here.

  1. @cameron and @bigshotklim are running a fun collab to experiment with onchain commerce. Cameron helped build out a frame to sell the Nouns noggles on Base. I would give them a follow as there's some fun news dropping this week 👀

  1. On Friday, I had a fun design idea for /higher. I put this cast out there and 0xdesigner delivered in just 30 minutes - his creativity skills are seriously unmatched. To support him, I minted 10 pieces of this edition all in $HIGHER.

If you found the list above helpful, please share it with friends in crypto who you think should mint as well 🤝

That's all for today, I hope all of you have a great next week!

- YB

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