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A letter to Interface

Onchain notifications, discovery, & social

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To: Wijuwiju.eth & the Interface Team:

I genuinely believe Interface will be a top 3 product of this next bull market.

My prediction: by the end of 2024 the top 100 followed people on Interface will be critical in influencing onchain culture.

In the past few months, other than Warpcast, Interface is the only other crypto app that I open up on an almost daily basis.

In my opinion, it's solving one of the biggest problems people in crypto face: onchain fomo.

There's no reason the community should be stuck on crypto Twitter all the time to catch the latest mints.

For a while, I strictly had the mindset of a developer or trader specific block explorer - a bit more intimidating and niche. The idea of having a social block explorer is such an obvious answer. I know the concept has been talked about a lot in consumer crypto discussions. But using Interface actually demonstrates the ability to make sense of onchain data and display it in a user-friendly way.


At this point, I might be getting 15-20 Interface notifications a day! Sometimes they drive me crazy, but I still keep them on because I've reached the point where I care more about what's actually happening onchain rather than people talking about the chain on crypto Twitter.

I recently started sharing what I mint daily on Zora, Base, & Optimism. This is basically a chance for me to justify my time spent on Interface 😂 Turns out, there's a lot of cool stuff happening onchain, but we're all just too busy looking at the wrong platform. In this next bull market, I believe the amount of content & moments that will be minted will grow 100x. And Interface will be the guiding light for those that want to stay involved with their wallets.

Interface will be the tool for onchain curators & tastemakers to start building their following and drive transactions in their own unique ways.

As L2s make minting cheaper and platforms such as Paragraph, Zora, Sound, etc. help bring content onchain, the need for onchain social discovery will only grow more & more.

- What are my friends minting?

- Was there a banger piece on Mirror that everyone is excited about?

- Are my Farcaster friends excited about this new NFT collection?

- Why are so many smart people buying a random memecoin?

One point that UFO club made in this post I wanted to highlight:

Content is surfaced in the Interface app based on who you follow. You can find your friends from Lens and Farcaster. Catch their mints from Zora and Mirror. It’s wild. Ecosystems are flowing together.

This is spot on. To me, Interface feels like the ribbon that ties everything together. As the number of tools & platforms that are focused on increasing onchain content grow, Interface will only become more important for discovery purposes. Most people in crypto are quite excited to mint. The issue is that the majority of folks can't afford to spend all their time trying to find the onchain content they care about.

Interface App

It's worth noting that the "like" button we all take for granted today only became a thing in 2009! This single idea completely changed the world. Web2 social platforms got the data they needed to revamp the algorithm from chronological posts to a feed that was based on interests. However, though our feeds got much better (and almost addicting), the data was kept within the platforms' servers. None of us actually got to make use of the content-user graphs.

FB "Like" button

Though Interface didn't invent the "mint" button, I believe you all are the first to display it on a social app that feels very similar to the "like" button. Hopefully, as the next wave of crypto adopters join the club, they all start using Interface and get used to the idea of hitting the mint button just as much (if not more) than the like button.

As the # of mints on different kinds of content grows in the next decade, it'll be fascinating to see the open source content-user graphs. Of course, we're just at the starting line and still have a long way to go.

I'm so excited to see how Interface expands in the ecosystem and helps grow onchain activity. It's time Capital One gives up their slogan to the Interface team:

What's in your wallet?

- YB

What I minted yesterday:

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