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About Onchain Letters

A letter to newcomers

Hi, welcome to Onchain Letters!

Onchain Letters is a crypto native newsletter written by YB for active contributors in the crypto ecosystem.

The community is one of the most prolific groups onchain:

  • ~80% of subscribers have joined using their Ethereum wallets

  • Subscribed wallets average ~6 transactions every 24 hours

  • All posts can be collected on Base (including this about page!)

If you are looking to stay up to date with what's actually happening onchain, then I highly recommend subscribing to Onchain Letters instead of doomscrolling on crypto Twitter.

What to expect

Tuesdays & Fridays

Twice a week, I publish onchain deep dives that breakdown technical topics and give an analysis on a growing trend in the ecosystem.

I often draw parallels to what's happening in crypto to what happened in the early days of the internet.

Check out these three posts to get a feel for my writing:

  1. Farcaster Arbitrage - I give a rundown on the advantage of being active on Farcaster by providing parallels to the early days of communities such as Ethereum and Twitter. It's important to always be looking for the next scenius in tech and double down.

  2. Ethereum's Broadband Moment - I cover the importance of EIP-4844 by comparing the proposal to the Internet's transition from dial-up to broadband.

  3. Hivemind-as-a-service & the Farcaster Cloud - I dive into how Neynar is not only abstracting backend compute, but will also provide Farcaster data services to businesses like Salesforce did with cloud CRM.


I share a list of what I minted on the OP Stack that week (Zora, Base, Optimism) as well as highlight interesting projects the Onchain Letters community interacted with.

It can be hard to keep up with everything that's happening onchain so these lists help you discover a fun mint you may have missed.

Here's an example of a "What I minted this week" post.

About YB & Portfolio

I’ve been in the crypto space for 4 years and have created 150+ pieces of content for products & protocols in the space (see my portfolio below).

Previously, I was the head of research at Chapter One, a seed stage crypto fund. And before that was a full stack software engineer at Salesforce.

In my spare time, I love learning about the history of technology and host the /techarchive channel on Farcaster.


  1. Wrote a series of threads covering hot products in the web3 ecosystem during the 2021 bull run. This includes projects such as Pool Together, Olympus, ENS, Mirror, Arweave, etc. You can check out the mega-thread here.

  2. Viral threads explaining how to learn web3, why web3 is important, and web3 company models.

  3. Co-authored an intro to web3 e-mail course for OdysseyDAO with Peter Yang called “12 days of Web3”. Received over 4k+ sign-ups in just the first few weeks. You can check out the course and sign up here.

  4. Started the Chapter One research program in which I led 10 university students from around the world research, write, and publish 25+ pieces of content covering a variety of topics such as account abstraction, Vyper, DeSci, DeSo, and many more. This content has been shared by all sorts of people in the ecosystem including Vitalik. Check out the first cohort here.

  5. Created the Chapter One Labs community which included over 250 university students all sharing new things they were learning in the ecosystem. I was able to help founders and investors from Stelo Labs, Iron Fish, Pantera, Variant, etc. find incredible students for their intern programs.

  6. Experimented with a podcast in which I interviewed Degentraland (Horizen Labs Ventures), Salvino (founder of Nouns Vision), Colin (founder of Paragraph), and Richerd (founder of Manifold). Latter two episodes still in production. Link to Spotify here.

  7. Have done a series of fun history threads on OG companies in the crypto space that achieved viral status quickly. Have been shared by folks such as Brian Armstrong, Roham, Nick Johnson, Hayden Adams, Garry Tan, Jiho, etc. Check out some of them here.

  8. Have written in depth articles on newer products such as Once Upon, Launchcaster, Bello Insights, XMTP, etc. Check them out here.

I hope you join the Onchain Letters community!

If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to say hi, please shoot me a DM on Farcaster or Twitter.

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